Who will be crowned Champion of the Champions

Since the World Cup 2006 is just some months away, and what we will expect to see should be a awesome acts of skills, class and fitness.
Germany is always been the hub of the football, and this time it would more then Bundes Liga.A World Cup. Every one is eyeing on the trophy and even to Country like Pakistan it possess great excitement where each child dream about a Cricket Star.

As now the teams have qualified , some monster team enter easily , some got difficulty to get in final line up, some decent team kicked out from the World cup like Turkey.

It is very hard to predict the best of best ,who ll take the trophy. We got teams like Brazil , Argentina, England, Italy ,France and Spain who supposed to be the heavy weight of this game. and some teams like Ukraine and Swizerland who are new commers in this big events.

What I think that from the Europe teams like Spain, Portugal, France and Italy , they are getting difficulty with there line up and formation, some got Overage players like Zidane,Figo, Thuram , Viera,del piaro who share the brilliance but not fit eough to play for this crown. the other team like Ukraine who has the presence of the goal scoring machine Shevchenko might not be the Maradona for Argentina, some what enterence in knock out stages would be greatfull but to expect more is insanity. Chezch Republic also has the same thing like Ukrain has as Chezech got pavel Nadved.the Team i would see as to be on the one of the spot the semis will be England. Since they got the brilliance of the Frank LAmpard, Ferdinand, Terry, Gerrad, Sole Campbell Ashely Cole and none other then the Perfectionist David Beckham. But i would like to add certain notes for the England team strategies, as they has to be aggressive to beat the team like Brazil and Argentina.and the individual brilliance would not steal the World Cup.

From South America , the Big guns should be look forward to. Argentina got better side with respect to many Euro teams. but what they lack is the considerably match winning performance. And about Brazil what i want to add is that they got the brighter chance then they had in the last world when they ripped all the team apart. Extremely Brilliance not less.Ronaldo , Ronaldinho,Kaka , Juneniho, Robiniho, Roberto Carlos ,Cafu ,dida and many morethey are just out of this world. i wish that both the team should meet in Final to exhibit the greatest match one would never see.

From the Asia and Asia Pacific. Saudia Arabia ,Iran , japan Australia , there presence in the even in the quarterfinal will be a big ask.Africa every time now and then showed that they got the skills and talents to threatens the heavy weight , but from my point of view they have the dimmer chances to be in the knock out stages.

Other Teams like Tobago and Trinidad and many more also wish to perform well in the World cup but to be place them in the knock out stage would be a shocker.

From my little knowledge about the game , i expect that in Semis the team would be Brazil, Argentina , England and one from Europe or Asia.
In the last i wish that England will lift the Cup.

2 thoughts on “Who will be crowned Champion of the Champions

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