My Finest Memories and present

yester day i was surfing on the net, i looked the audio clip of the Dhoop Kinary Drama song. immediately i downloaded that song, it reflects the soothing effect even when i was child.
My trip to india was way back in early 1990s, i remmber my relatives got that drama on the video cassettes. and when where thats wonderfull music played , it just trickle down on me. it is amazing. at that very age i didnt know who is in the drama and who is directing , but that songs appeal me. all praise to every one who participate in it.
as i m wrting one para of that lyrics , i hope you would hear the same music, the same majestic tune which year after year keeps me conecting to it. i hope that i might not make any mistake in writing the roman urdu.

jane teri khooii hoi yaad aai
jaisee veranee mein chupke see bahar aai
jaisee saharoon mein hole se chalee badee naseeem
jaisee beemar ko beewajah qarar aajaye

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