My peoples our days are now counted

with 13 day in progress of the Isreal war against Lebonan. i am sitting some thounsand miles away from the terriorty where the blood shedding is going on like the Isreals doing their rituals, another attack on Gaza Strips and our leaders are sending peoples to isreal for betterment of the links between us and them .. hmmm thats good following the path where many arab leaders are walking to. yesterday night i was seeing the pictures of the martyer of young lady Layal Nejib who was the freelance photjournalist killed when she was evacauting with familes and missile landed on their vehicle . Sad. day after yesterday i read that US is pumping its prescion guided missile to Isreal, and today i saw President Bush was hand shaking with Saudi foreign minister, thats strange. Peoples saying that there is a pin drop silence in the Arab Leagues, no meeting held in 13 days at OIC. thats cool.
If our Leaders thiking that Isreal is only after Shia movements like Hamas and Hizboullah, thats their biggest mistake. cant u see that one day they may interfere the holy gathering at Maakah , might want to see who is coming for performing our biggest religious rituals, i think the days are not far away that they will approve or disapprove for going there if our leaders continue to be scratching their skull( most of them are bald) and thinking that its better not to open their mouth against their policies.
Leabonan after the full invasion of Isreal might result in another face of the iraq, where the fight between different sects of islam began soon after the invasion of US. Isreal will kill highly rated scholar from each sects, planting bomb in mosque and smashing car bombs on the other sects gathering, and after ward they will just enjoy the heat comes when the two sects fight against each other. and they can go on and invade other country.
Possibly they are trying to come as near as possible to Iran and Syria, so they can give the some best ground to their troops to attack on the Iran and Syria.
So my request to all the peoples who are reading ( and i am sure there will some ) this blog to rethink our hatred with our peoples, and if we will remain devided on every occasion then it might our turn that our sweet home become mass of concrete.

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