Species called as Programmers

Yesterday some one asks me in the interview that who is a programmer and what are his qualities?

The programmer is the special creature of Almighty, so I answered interviewer after taking the God name so that what ever I say God will back me up.

There are two kind of programmers one who search and copy the code from any where around the globe and the ones who don’t search and copy, they just try to code the program so that one day their code start running faster then Shoaib Akhtar. After some time they don’t know from where the code starts running and where it’s gone (inherit the qualities of Shoaib).

Programmer as I defined earlier a special creature of God. They acquire the properties from their tier programmers, so that they make the same mistake and give the same excuse.

Some company don’t let the programmer out from their software house, not even in the lunch time as the programmer may be planning to go for an interview at another software house, and some give software house give the programmer ample time including Saturday holiday but those programmer have no where to go, not even for the interview.

Programmer and Team Leader have some difference. Every programmer has to hear the advice Team leader. But this doesn’t apply for programmer; programmer is such kind of guy who has no say, not even to his family. He use the both ear well, one for hearing the speech and other one to pass it out without troubling the brain. Only God keep hearing him and once the God took notice of his pledge, that’s the horrible day for Team Leader.

Some programmer come software fresh in the morning, other won’t because they work all night in office.

Programmer has the whole faith on this saying that no one come in this world with skills particularly programming skills and keep the faith alive as he wants to go in the grave with same level of skills.

Every one say that programmer is the one who not only the use the skills but who maneuvers his skills, so the bad programmer just search and copy the code, while the good programmer who search from various places, compile the code carefully and generate it wisely.

Good programmers are the gift of the God to the software house, and the bad programmers are also the gift of God, as they are the sign of death to their fellow colleagues.

A programmer has a very specific and effective advantage over others. You give the structured code but the code wouldn’t giving the require result, they will make the code unstructured and in the correctly running form.

In the end of this weird speech, I conclude that a programmer is like the Bangladeshi Cricket team, who can not win the tournament but will spoil the show by beating the good team.

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