Installing SharePoint 2010Beta

Hi all, I have been off for fews days from my blog. Recently i tried to exploit my laptop by installing SharePoint 2010 Beta on it.

Let me tell you the installation of SharePoint 2010 Beta is much easier than Moss 2007. SharePoint 2010 itself  install all the pre-requisite.

My Laptop hardware Specs are:

  • Intel Core Duo 2.4 GHZ
  • RAM 3 GB
  • and Enough Hard Disk 240 GB

I have installed  Window Server 2008 R2 on my laptop specially For SharePoint 2010 Beta

You have to first Register to download for SharePoint 2010,  after registration download the Enterpirse Version of the SharePoint 2010 Beta.

SharePoint 2010 Beta install the pre-Requiste before installing the SharePoint 2010. I have installed a Standalone version keeping in my mind that i am using it for evaluation and not for long term.

After Installing SharePoint 2010, you have to run the SharePoint 2010 wizard for configuring, in my case it has prompted an error, which i have rectify by installing hotfix.

If  any error arise, search the error keyword on google or bing, Search will give you the best possible solution.

4 thoughts on “Installing SharePoint 2010Beta

  1. Hi
    I was installing and got error but could not found any solution, i don’t want to install a stand alone edition. What edition did you install?

    1. hi shaqat,
      As i have stated in my blog that i have install to my laptop, so i use the Standalone version, you can use the other one if you have more servers.
      Can u state me the Error here so that i can tell you the solution,

      I install the Enterprise edition of SharePoint Server 2010, not SharePoint Foundation 2010

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