Spider acknowldege SharePoint site www.fcpakistan.com


Some weeks back, i finished a project named as Food Connection Pakistan. Its a SharePoint 2010 internet facing site, which got some finest branding and functionality. Even Pakistan famous IT Magzine Spider has some thing to say about this project.

” FC Pakistan is a promising entry on the Web . It has the potential of becoming the ultimate local food guide, provided it works out the kinks.”

To read full article follow this link. http://www.fcpakistan.com/fcblog/newpost.aspx?ID=40

Moreover this site stands tall among the rest of SharePoint site in the month of August 2011 at http://www.TopSharepoint.com,

you can read an article about this as well, through this link http://www.fcpakistan.com/fcblog/newpost.aspx?ID=40

It is very nice to see that despite all these mishaps we face in Pakistan, we usually come up some thing different in every aspect of life.


Happy SharePointing

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