Difference between LTSC VS Semi Annual

So its kind of personal note to me, as i usually forget some of key differences over the years


  Semi-Annual Channel (Windows Server) Long-Term Servicing Channel (Windows Server 2016)
Recommended scenarios General purpose file servers, Microsoft and non-Microsoft workloads, traditional apps, infrastructure roles, software-defined Datacenter, and hyper-converged infrastructure Containerized applications, container hosts, and application scenarios benefiting from faster innovation
New releases Every 2–3 years Every 6 months
Support 5 years of mainstream support, plus 5 years of extended support 18 months
Editions All available Windows Server editions Standard and Datacenter editions
Who can use All customers through all channels Software Assurance and cloud customers only
Installation options Server Core and Server with Desktop Experience Server Core for container host and image and Nano Server container image


You can find the full article in this link

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