SharePoint Modernization Scanner, my two cents

Well with the annoucment of SharePoint Modernization Scanner tool, i thought to give it a try.

I ran it for one site collection , which got some data, custom master pages plus some designer workflow.

Following are my thoughts about the results sheet i got after running this tool.

Page Scan
I got useful information, like how many webparts, type of webpart are there on the pages.

It can be useful, if you are scanning whole tenant, with number of sites and list. It can be handy for quick numbers.

Well with SharePoint online, it wont have that much importance as you can predict what will be there in the list. But a nice one to have.

In my case it didn’t returned any rows.

It mention only one error and which is useless “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

It basically list down all the blog post, and does mention its type as well. In my result it mentions as “Classic”

It list down all the site which are on blog template. As our site doesnt have that many blog site. Again it depends on the content

This is one of the best result sheet, it list down all the infopath list url. Thats something i would like to know in advance.

Thats an interest sheet to look at, it got all the list with special information List page render type, which means it would mention “ListTypeNoSupportForModernMode” if the list view is not supported in modern mode

This list down all the publishing pages, with the webparts and type of webparts as well.

It mention number of publishing site and more importantly, site and system master page used within that site collection

This have list of all the publishing site. Most important information to look at webtemplate, Pagecount. Again the data usefulness depends on the data itself.

One of my favourite sheet, it list down all the workflows, plus identify OOB workflow or customized one.

Rest of the sheet provides the visual reports of data.

All in all thats a very great tool to analyze the readiness of your current site to SharePoint modern

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