Some Assesment about last Champions League Matches

With the all eyes on the fight of the heavy weights on the football pitch at Santiago Bernubau stadium and others arenas. The Least we can expects from the matches had happen again this time round.

The fiery Real Madrid again pounded in this Knock Out stage, with the Brilliant strike by none other than Henry of Arenal. i think that with the early entry of Robert Pires, they could easily thrash the Real Madrid. with the only threat from the left flank as the David Beckham shooting the crosses finding the perfect target but not making into the nets. RM defence looks hostile at times.

the other match which i like to comments is the Chealsea VS Barcelona. Barca always been the favourite, despite the pitch dampness making the match a real firecracker. Del-Horno Sent off of course change the tempo of the game , what i feel from the footage i got to see is that both men messi and del werent watching the ball at all . yellow card would be the wise decision. Ian Rooben played really well. it might be good to let him to full 90 minutes. because untill he was on field Chelsea got equally good chances for goals. and Messi played according to his power, prove that he is the first choice playing from the right flank.

the real shockers were the victory of Benfica over Liverpool and juventus jolted in the added time by the minnows Werder Bermen. Lyon getting goal by the Juninuho over PSV. VillaReal equalized with Rangers which should have been complete wiped off the Rangers as the Villa Real got the most of chance and these chances went begging.

AC Milan and Bayer Munich match was best from all the aspects. Stunning goal by the micheal ballack and plenty conversion by the mastero Shevchenko.

Inter came Back strongly after a tough first half as they were way behind from the Ajax. the other half of the match proves good for Inter as they comes from behind and equalized with 2-2.

By Far the Best goal in these two day was of Micheal Ballack giving no mercy to Dida to put even finger to it and Henry dodging four players of Real Madrid ,then swiftly passes the ball into the nets.

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