Barca and Arsenal in finals

the matches played last night and day before yesterday. were truly heart throbbing .

VillaReal i must say that remain a side which had done to much but comes out with empty hand. the first match of the seconf leg of the semis proved to be greatest match, so many attempt made on the arsenal remained fruit less, 2 free kicks went straight in to the lehman hand , one fine save by lehman, and other header passed the woodwork by a whisker. in that particular match ,the only one team was a winner and that was VillaReal.

Requilme found himself as a scapegoat for this unlucky events, where luck seems to gone away some miles away, and they just tried and tried with no reward in shape of goal.

players tears would be enough to give the booast of under rank club.

last night match also held goal less. as the barca show their true class , if u match the style of play of arsenal and barca as they had scored one goals in their first match. u can find that barca plays to their full potential whereas arsenal from the whistle blown tried to defend their small edge over VillaReal. sad moment for Milan who comes to long way and showed the great comsistency with one champion league title in their pocket , one final appearance and this one in semis final in four years span

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