Bye Bye to Twin Technologies(Maventor), Welcome by KalSoft

I have been off for a while from my blog, due to my job switch from Twin Technologies (Maventor) to Kalsoft as Senior SharePoint Consultant. The last month (mid Oct-Mid Nov) was very hectic for me.

If i just stand up and look down behind the road for my time in maventor, here are some top gains.

  • My time with Maventor went very well.
  • Got the chance to work in close collaboration with one of the fewest MCM in SharePoint 2007- Rai Umair ( And WOW he is an excellent guy, workholic, 24/7 SharePointer.
  • Worked on the amazing project named as Food Connection Pakistan ( On very first look on this you wont able to find out that this site is actually based on SharePoint 2010.

Further more, during this period, i have managed to collaborate with SharePoint community outside Pakistan and Inside as well.

  • Under the influence of my friends, ex-colleagues, User Group fellows, my elder bro Aamir Majeed Khan, and Rai Umair. I took part in two SharePoint Saturday event, SharePoint Saturday Srilanka and SharePoint Saturday Dubai. You can check out the details for these events from my previous posts.
  • For my User Group Events, I managed to bring MVPS, SharePoint gurus, trend setter on my User Group platform and speak to our audience, It wont be possible to mention all the names, but just for reference following are few of them ( Saif Ullah Shafiq (MVP), Jerry Yasir (MVP), Mark Miller, Rai Umair (MCM), Muhammad Atif Hussain (MCT))
  • Almost 10 User Group events till now, 7 session in different univeristies / institutes (MAJU, PAF-KIET,APTECH,TECHNO-ED) and software houses(EbizSoft) in Karachi on the behalf of Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC Karachi).

But certainly i couldn’t able to manage my time from the last month, as i got extra responsibilities on my current project.

Currently i am deployed in Abu Dhabi on a government project ( i wont let you know the government entity for which i am doing this project :P).

I will try my best to populate my blog with interesting post. So hopefully next time you are around here, will definitely see some new and interesting post.

Cheers and keep SharePointing.

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