Unable to attach List with ListItem event recievers in SharePoint 2007

Whats wrong with me, now we are close to New Year eve of 2012, and Yeah SharePoint 2010 is out in the market since 1 year and half. And today i faced a scenario, which i had gone through repeatedly during 2007-2009. I have written a event receivers for my list items in SharePoint 2007 ( Item added, Item adding,etc) for one reason or the other, My List not able to bind itself to these event receivers. So what is the solution. I know that many of you already know the solution i am going to provide. But for you who don’t know, there is utility available at codeplex as SharePoint Tips Utility Pack (http://spstipsutilitypack.codeplex.com). Contributed by Ishai Sagi.

This utility do many wonders, as you can see from the description from the codeplex link. This guy is really a genuis, to come up with this kind of util is brilliant. Hats Off to you mate.

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